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Continuously Upgraded Charger for PS4 Controller

by YCCTEAM 01 Jan 2019 1 comment

From the first generation of charger for PS4 controller released, We have achieved great success and more attention. Now we upgraded the charger to third generation and we gained a lot of developing experience of PS4 controller charger. Let's see what different they are.  

First generation:                                                                           

second generation: 

Third generation:

We continuously upgrade the charger in order to improve the customers use experience. The main characteristics are:

1: upgraded LED charging indicator.

2: Change the charging interface from mini USB to Micro USB.

3. More convenient charging way. Extend the life of the charging interface.

4. More safe multiple protection.

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1 comment

21 Mar 2021 lpnxfnmwvt

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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