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How to choose suitable game controllers for new and old gamers?

by TEAM YCC 24 Dec 2022 0 Comments

In 2022, there won't be only keyboards and mice to play games, right?

Of course not, you can choose game controllers. Some gamers choose the PC, some prefer the console, and some gamers use the PC and console. PC and game console have their advantages, but the biggest difference is the way of operation. Although in the FPS class game, the keyboard and mouse take the dominant role. But in some single-player masterpieces, especially action and racing games, the game controllers provide a more immersive sense of vibration and more exquisite control of the accelerator. These advantages are also beyond the performance of the keyboard and mouse.

The game controller has become the game peripheral you can use to spend most of your time. Whether trapped on the bench or lying on the sofa, I can find a comfortable position to play the game. Game controllers have a lightweight and ergonomic grip. Therefore, a long-time game controller playing can not make me tired.

Not only is it comfortable to play, but the game controllers can also give you extreme gaming experiences. Whether the linear feeling in playing Horizon 5 or the vibration feedback in Elden Ring, these tactile experiences in the game controller are far beyond the visual experience of a keyboard and mouse.

But from expensive and cheap, there are many game controllers for selection. How to choose a suitable game controller? After reading this article, you will have the answer.

Game Controller Brand

Now there are too many game controller brands arising, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo Switch are well-received by game players. And there are also other 3rd party brands, such as 8bitdo, Hori, YCCTEAM, etc. These game controller brands cover all price segments, occupying most of the market.

It is hard to select a good game controller for so many brands around you.

How to choose the right game controller for you?

Purchase Channel

Now there are good and bad game controllers mixed up in the market. Besides, Xbox, PS, and Switch game controllers are often out of stock, and there are a lot of second-hand dealers. I personally highly recommend buying from the official website or store.

The game controller is easy to be damaged because of the many components installed. Buying from the official channel is to ensure authenticity and guaranteed after-sales service.


There are three ways to connect the game controllers: wired / Bluetooth / receiver and the latter two ways belong to wireless connection.

Wired or wireless?

I recommend a wireless game controller because there is no line of bondage, you can feel free than the wired game controller, but also can unlock different postures in games, such as standing, lying, or nesting on the sofa as your request! But the price of the wireless version is a bit higher, also mention that don’t forget to replace the battery for your wireless controller.

wireless game controllerwired game controller

Should I buy the adapter?

The vast majority of wireless controllers support Bluetooth to connect, just like the connection to a Bluetooth headset. But this brings the problem of connection stability, which is affected by distance and other devices. Usually, a game controller support barrier-free 10 meters connection. However, if you have more wireless devices, there may also be a sudden disconnection. Honestly, stability is related to the price. The YCCTEAM game controllers for xbox 360 wireless controller or Xbox game controllers are very stable, but some low-priced and non-brand controllers will occasionally break.

The price of the adapters is also different, for example, Xbox wireless adapters are sold at least $33.99, and buy YCCTEAM wireless adapter comes with a driver for $26.96. You must be clear about your needs when you are choosing game controllers. The adapter can make the connection very stable, and there are no worries about disconnection. Also, if you want to connect two game controllers on a device at the same time, the adapter is required.

Trigger button.

The trigger is here. This is YCCTEAM wireless controller for xbox 360

game controller trigger

There are two types of triggers, the linear trigger and the normal one. The linear trigger can bring you a better experience.

What is a linear trigger? A linear trigger is like an accelerator, as you press more, you need more force. In this way, you can get the feeling of putting yourself in real life, like stepping on the accelerator when driving or throwing a basketball violently when shooting.

If you like to play racing games such as the Horizon series, or ball games like 2K, the linear trigger can provide you with a good sense of immersion, and it is highly recommended to choose a game controller with linear trigger keys.

ABXY button

This picture shows four keys ABXY in most game controllers. The layout of the Switch pro controller wireless’s ABXY has slightly different from this one.

The traditional game controller uses a conductive rubber ABXY key, which makes you feel slightly solid. The micro-action keys are similar to the click of a mouse, which can be triggered faster, and there is a stronger sense of feedback. The two feeling preferences vary from person to person.

Multi-functional joystick

game controller functions

What other functions can a joystick has besides operating the game?

The mainstream gamepads may have some of these functions: vibration, body sensing, fast continuous press (turbo), macro, and other keys.

  • Vibration function 

It’s the most common function in a game controller, which can further deepen the sense of immersion in the game. Some controllers have ordinary vibration, but some controllers have a variety of vibration modes and different strength levels. The vibration in an ordinary controller may put your hands numb. It’s different than the game controller and the featured adjustable vibration can bring you into the game world, giving you a different gaming experience.

  • Somatosensory function

It is mainly used in PC games for small-scale auxiliary aiming and moving perspective, for example, when you are playing shooting games, after controlling the joystick roughly aim at the vicinity of the enemy, then you can precisely aim at the enemy by shaking the controller.

  • Fast continuous press

 It is the Switch turbo controller. After this function is successfully settled, then you can press the button once, which is equal to quickly pressing one button many times. The turbo button is mostly used in shooting games, such as the Splash.

  • Macro function

You can customize the game action using the macro function button. There is a joycon nintendo as an example, when you are playing the King of Fighters, you can set a set of move keys (↓←↓→ attack), then every time you press the macro function keys, your game character can automatically make the move! (It’s the favorite function for new gamers).

  • More buttons

 For example back keys, some games need to press the left/right stick in some game controllers to achieve the actions, but it’s not comfortable for some gamers. However, the back button can solve this problem. You can map the function of the stick to the back button, the operation will be much smoother.


Hope this article can help you to find a well-designed, and suitable game controller. If you have any question, welcome to leave your comment below!

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