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How to use an Xbox controller adapter?

by TEAM YCC 30 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Xbox is a home TV game console that covers the full range of devices for superb games and entertainment, which I believe gamers are familiar with. A Wireless adapter is equivalent to a data cable, you can transmit the data of button operation in the game controller to the game console or PC, but the difference is the wireless connection. The Xbox one console and PC with WIN 10 system can be directly connected to the controller. The one thing you need is that turn on Bluetooth, and then you can use the game controller to connect to your game console or PC. Besides, You can buy a data cable so that your controller connects to a game console or PC to play games if you don’t want a wireless connection.

If you are a new gamer but do not know how to use an Xbox wireless adapter for windows 10. And those online tutorials are numerous and complex. Don't worry, the following simple tips below will help you to use the Xbox wireless adapter.

How to use Xbox wireless adapter?

xbox wireless adapter for windows 10
  1. Open the Bluetooth mode of the controller, you can enable A mode (A + HOME) or X mode (X + HOME) so that your controller can be connected to the computer.
  2. Plug the Xbox controller wireless adapterinto the computer USB port, after a successful connection, a Bluetooth icon will appear in the lower right corner of the computer menu bar, then you can right-click the icon and select "Add Device".  
  3. After clicking "Add Device", the computer will search for Bluetooth devices, which is a Xbox game controller named "Bluetooth Gamepad". You need a double-click to select "Enter the pairing code of the device".
  4. After entering the pairing code of the device (the pairing code is "0000"), click "Next".  
  5. When the computer window named "Add Device" prompts that "This device has been successfully added to this computer". If the corresponding model light is always on, your game controller is successfully connected to the computer. Note: The Xbox usb dongleis USB 2.0, and the matching code is 0000. Xbox usb dongle3.0 or above is no need to enter the matching code.

If you encounter this situation that the Xbox controller and Xbox pc adapter are not connected successfully, and the light has been flashing. Here are some tips to help you to solve the problem.



1, Restart your computer, and controller.

2, Find the settings page and remove the controller to reconnect.

3, In the flight mode of the computer settings page, find the on-off button of Xbox wireless, close this button and open it again.

Want to know more about the Xbox series?

Here are some introductions about Xbox. I believe that new gamers will have a better understanding of Xbox after reading the following contents.

XBOX console:

xbox console

By stage, Xbox gamers have been experienced four times. They are Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One S / X, and Xbox Series S / X.


The first two series have been eliminated because they were published about 10 years ago. There is a series called Xbox One, which is the transition product. From this generation, Microsoft aims to develop the encryption technique and applies it to the Xbox console. After the series Xbox one, there are no more cracked game consoles or pirated CDs, which also means that there is no longer a free lunch.

Currently, the mainstream product for sale is the Xbox One's S/X series. We don’t discuss Specific parameters for now. The one thing you need to know is that the series Xbox One X has a perfect performance, faster loading transitions, and better picture quality rendering. 

Xbox S/X Series is the new console series released in November 2020. The Xbox X series also has an excellent performance with the optical drive, compatible with Xbox One series CD-ROM (the series Xbox 360 genuine CD-ROM to be verified).

Xbox connection: 

The Xbox game controller has three types of connections: wired connection, Bluetooth connection, and adapter connection.

The Xbox pc wireless adapter is a converter. A windows adapter is an interface converter, which can be a stand-alone hardware interface device that allows a hardware or electronic interface to be connected to other hardware or electronic interfaces, or it can be an information interface. The new version of the adapter can connect up to 8 controllers. Microsoft's first-generation wireless adapter for the Xbox controller compared to SONY's same products are too large. Obviously, the Xbox first generation adapter has less competitive, but fortunately, the new generation of Xbox wireless adapter was released in late 2017 or early 2018. This version of the Xbox wireless adapter can help the old version of Xbox One and Elite Xbox One controllers connect to Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth so that it achieves the wireless function of the new Xbox wireless controller. The new Xbox Wireless Adapter is 66% smaller than the previous generation and can connect up to 8 game controllers (with game support), 4 regular headsets, and 2 stereo headsets at the same time. the Xbox Wireless Adapter is designed to help gamers use any wireless Xbox controllers launched by Microsoft on Windows 10 PC, allowing players to enjoy the fun of wireless play.

XBOX game:

xbox game

Whether PS5, XBOX, or Switch, as long as you are a console player. Buying games is the highest cost. After all, the game console is sold with fewer profits. You will know this if you have a glance at the price of the same hardware configuration. The games on XBOX are available in the following mediums.

CD-ROM version: the traditional medium.

The CD-ROM needs to be installed and may need to be updated during installation; after installation, you still need to insert the CD-ROM as a guide to play properly.

Digital version: A digital version of the game that is tied to a personal account.

You can purchase the game through the digital mall and 25-bit code exchange, and most of the exchange codes have a limitation for the exchange of IP, and very few exchange codes limit the use of zone service. For players who like to get free service, XBOX does have a lot of digital versions of the mini-games for free use for a limited time. However, most of the games available for free are either online games or trial or demo versions.

For online games or multiplayer online sections, additional Gold Membership---Gold Live is required.

At the same time, there are some monthly discounts on selected games. For example, the game is in the trial version, providing the chance to play the official version.

XGP: This is equivalent to a rental service.

A group of designated games is replaced regularly every month, and after the expiration date (online status) passed, you cannot play those games.


This article explains how to use the Xbox wireless adapter and gives some tips for you to solve the problems you may meet in the adapter connection. Besides, It’s mentioned that the development of the Xbox game console and where you can get Xbox games. Hope you can enjoy game time with your Xbox console.

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