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New release — four colors of carring case for your Nintendo Switch Lite

by YCCTEAM 31 Oct 2019 5 Comments

With the Nintendo release the new Nintendo Switch Lite, We YCCTEAM also release four colors of carring case for Nintendo Switch Lite.  See what colors you like most ?

With its large storage capacity, waterproof and durable design, this Deluxe Travel Case is the perfect vessel to keep your Nintendo Switch Lite safe in during travel or just between uses.

♦Durable Switch Lite Protection: A hard shell exterior and soft velvet interior lining help to ensure your new Switch Lite console is always protected.
♦Compact and Sturdy Case: The Case is specifically designed to store Switch Lite console, smaller accessories & games. Available in 4 colors: Black/Grey/Green/Yellow
♦Easy to Use and Carry: All-around zipper is easy Opening and Closing. The slim profile means it is easy to fit the case into another back-pack or bag without too much added bulk.
♦Tempered glass screen protector: Easy to paste without bubbles, high definition & high transmittance, rub-proof & scratch-proof, effectively protects your Switch Lite.


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