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What do you think about Nintendo Switch Lite?

by CollaboratorPixel Union Support 26 Jul 2019 2 Comments

Switch Lite: 

The product integrates the controller and the main unit, making it smaller, lighter, easier to carry, and enjoying all the NintendoSwitch games that can be played in portable mode.
The screen is 5.5 inches 720p. The dimensions are vertical 91.1mm × horizontal 208mm × thickness 13.9mm, weight 275g, fully charged can be used for 3 to 7 hours. TV mode is not supported, there is no Joy-Con (but support Joy-Con and Switch Pro handle Bluetooth direct connection), HD vibration, infrared camera.

1. The left arrow key changes to Nintendo's traditional cross key. Since there is no mechanism to remove it, this is also a matter of reason. There will undoubtedly be an improvement in the feel.

2, no HD vibration, meaning that if you do not purchase additional Joy-Con, games such as "Mario Party" can not be fully experienced. Intentional children's shoes must pay attention to this.

3, the endurance upgrade as a "handheld" positioning is very practical Upgrade.

4, the drift problem of the old version of Switch, whether it is solved in this Lite, it is worthy of attention. The reason is self-evident, and the inability to disassemble means that the maintenance cost is much higher than the old one. Given the situation of previous generations of Nintendo's handhelds, I suggest that you have a long-term view of this.

Anyway, Nintendo has ended the old era of handhelds, and a new era of handhelds is coming.

Of course, Nintendo Switch Lite is more prepared for players who don't have a Switch. Nintendo has been working hard to expand the market for non-gamers. For such people, how good the machine is is not the key. The low threshold is the more important factor.


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